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  • November 30, 2021


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Remember when we ran trains and played soul wars, e.g.? It's a huge contest now. The RuneScape gold only debate it could be one on religion. Which was understandably dismissed by a mod once it became emotional (if they were present).

The people are so mean today. Apparently you need 99 points to be regarded as a respectable. I use to get grats at any level. Now I need to have a 90+ or more. In addition, I'm only mean to people who in my way (which used to never be the case). Many people are mean nowadays.

I'm really angry as I tried to pay back what I'd given(only time) but was kicked out for it. The CC is now totally unsupportive with no human relationships. You have this entire forum but aren't able to select the moderators you want to use for their job, or. I'm unable to explain what it really is, I'm just able to describe what it's like. The Numinous.

If you're in the 90+ range of attack and strength, then melee would be a better choice. A ranged setup would look something like this... Outfitted items - Neitiznot (for the prayer) and defence bonus) and any other boots you want (ranger or snakeskin are the ones that would be the best following by bandos / in white to pray),

Method Position yourself right in front of them, protect melee and keep an eye on them. They're likely to attack most of the time as your d'hide / armour will take care of most of their magic strikes. The only damage you'll take typically is their ranged attack.

First of all, you need to construct a throne area and then construct a floor in the middle of it. And then create an oubliette space beneath it. There is also the need to construct a trap door inside. There are two different ways of accessing it There is a big cave entrance that you build in a fancy garden or a garden. An escalator in a room.

After you've constructed one of those two rooms you can decide to create a second room below in the same way, but there should only be one option available for that. After you've built that room(s) you may construct in normal mode, creating treasure rooms, dungeon corridors and connections, as well as any room from above you'd like to see down below as well.

If you haven't already, doing your Love Story quest unlocks a new type of dungeon which adds a whole multitude of new guards for dungeons are available for you to put down including scarabites iron dragons, black cheap RS gold demons etc. And the majority of these new monsters are more affordable than the traditional hellhounds, trolls dragons.. If I've missed anything, don't hesitate to contact me again.



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