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  • December 15, 2021


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After watching Washington and the Saints through the Mut 22 coins first month of the season, I've come to discover that I'm probably absolutely nothing about picking games that is played between the two teams. To make it clearer I'm embarrassingly poor at picking Saints and Washington games.

After just four weeks, I'm 0-4 choosing Washington's games. I'm also just 0-4 in the selection of Saints games making them two of the teams in the NFL that I've completely whiffed on this season. If you don't like doing calculations, that's because I'm 0-8 combined picking these two teams, which does not seem even remotely possible when you consider that I'm 41-15 in picking games that involve other teams that don't belong to Washington or New Orleans.

There hasn't been a single time I've been so in error since the time I tried to convince people that "Smurfs 2" was a worthy film. We'll let you know: it's not an excellent film or even near as good as the first "Smurfs" film and is a classic movie classic if your like movies about tiny blue creatures.

The missed picks are starting to get out of hand. I mean, in Week 4 I decided on the Saints to defeat the Giants but they were unable to hold an 11-point advantage in the last seven minutes. On Washington's end I chose them to lose to the Falcons which they eventually won despite being down by eight with just four minutes remaining.

Whatever I think I'm predicting whatever I say, it's always wrong. If I had forecasted the Saints would defeat Washington by 47 points this week, they would lose to Washington by 74.

Because the opposite of my predictions always seems to be the case when these two teams are playing, I've decided to take into account that fact and am going to predict the reverse of what I think is going to happen. My gut told me to take the Saints but I'm going against my gut and taking Washington. Last week, I attempted this exact strategy for the Chargers -- I was 0-3 on their games heading into Week 4 -- and it worked. I'm now winning making picks for Chargers games.

I'm going to Washington and, if they lose, I'll be locking myself inside a room with an "Smurfs 2" DVD and never coming out, at least to eat and wash the bathroom, and for cheap Madden nfl 22 coins other stuff however, I'm not usually coming out.



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