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Blogs Path of Exile anything about nerfing slayer

  • November 3, 2018


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Path of Exile anything about nerfing slayer

I actually skipped that part. Yes, what a good def node.

Noob question: Does my golem walking with me broke the "only nearby enemy"?

I'm always wrongly identified as this status. My golem can be a allie.

No one said anything about nerfing slayer. the tutor said buff normal leech to hold it more in line (buffing normal leech would only make vaal pact more robust as well).

But anyways. exactly why other classes don't go mmoah vaal pact is really because there can be a lot of life regen on life nodes they already thinking about taking.

Your life regen almost equals that extra leech you'd get POE Trade except you won't need to hit enemies to learn which makes it a greater option. it's simply not worth the cost to go forgo life regen for vaal pact now.



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