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  • August 27, 2021


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Get a friend dressed up as a God. Give your friend a cloth that RS gold a believer of your godliness would wear. Try to persuade the noob to believe that he's an Chosen and then offer him the additional pair of clothes. If everything goes as planned, you will be able to convince the novice that you've 'infused' him with magical abilities. This prank can be very efficient; I had it for three months.

Get all your friends making an entire train, with you as the leader. Find a rude, unprofessional novice and follow him. Or something similar. when he starts objecting that you are following him, invite al your friends to start ranting and such. Most noobs are so mad they offer to pay you. There is a way to post more!

I am currently on a hunt for 40 range for Ikov to find treasures in the desert. I was taught by rock crabs. They could shoot cannons that let me switch between different worlds. I made friends with my buddy, and we went across the fence to Kelda. There were more friends that I got to know and we talked about school and other things. I also told my friends about that I got married to Ellemaria, the sandwich lady and Gertrude, the queen who divorced Ellemaria. They all logged out and some more people joined in.

We discussed the old RuneScape.I told them what happened to Zezima, The Old Nite, N0valyfe, Lilyuffie, and Uloveme. One guy believed Lilyuffie had died. Another man was curious about what happened to the old nite when he passed away.

I tried to convince him O.N. I tried convincing my friend that O.N. was dead IRL however he kept asking if he had lost GP. I shaken him and told him that he had lost a black pickaxe as well as a dragon platebody. Conversation will be uploaded shortly. I was asking you to consider whether Runescape is as welcoming today as it was in the past. Or are they more or less friendly?

Personally I am prone to avoid people, but I try to look at things from their perspective. They think they are amazing and intelligent, however that is a sign they're dumb. Then they do something foolish and I return to wanting to hit them. It's an EFFIN GAME, most people don't realize that! When i receive an A in algebra 2 and they get a D- in remidial math, il be laughing because they are fighting 110 times.

Disclaimer Disclosure: I'm not involved in these silly glitches. I am the owner of over 150 million+ assets and don't need any kind of nonsense to win. Stop accusing me of cheating and other such things. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!

Pew pew pew, since I haven't posted in like what 1 month, as I am very inactive with runescape currently. I'll be teaching people about the PVP bug. The topic's host did not inform people of OSRS buy gold the bannings as this is actually what is happening.



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