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  • November 25, 2021


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Join a Nex or continue QBD until your level 95 prayer or 96 Herblore, or tier 90 equipment has been achieved. SkillingSome people aren't keen on killing things over and over, so I thought it would be a good idea to include this. Runecrafting. Continue training until you reach level 59 Runecrafting. Create double cosmic runes that traverse the deep abyss. It can take as long as RS gold 2m per hour. When you reach 82, you can create two astral runses. This could be less expensive than cosmics depending on the GE cost. It is possible to create double natures at the rate of 91. Also, make sure to look up GE cost to determine what is best.

Herblore. You can train as normal or join daily warbands to reach the required level. Sell unfinished potions (water, a herb) Crafting. Shades of Morton. Repair the temple, and create sacred oil with olive oil. 1m/hour and extremely AFK

Management of Miscellania Complete both quests that involve the area, then place 10m (max amount) into. Expect about 160% returns if using an appropriate allocation (I do mahogany logs). Ports owned by players - You can make millions of dollars every week in just five minutes a day. You'll need to do this for around one year. Also, you must be able to create items and start Ports (level 85-93 for all things).

Shop buying - buy shop supplies like feathers, broad arrowheads, chocolate bars, yakhids or battlestaffs. Kill Hill Giants are located in Edgeville's resourcedungeon. Take the bones and the limpwurt roots.

You should only take the most valuable things (no anchovy pizzas). This is the most efficient method to earn cash from f2p. I can make 400k/hr with this method If I'm skilled. But muddy keys are expensive and take time to buy. A gem bag is the most efficient way to increase effectiveness. Mine adamant ore. I enjoy doing this in the hobgoblin min. I wear my batwing full shield and shield. There is no food needed. Hop worlds. PKers are so rare here that you don't need to think about it. It is also possible to superheat by mining the coal to make your journeys last longer, I'm not sure if this is better however. 70 mining required 70 smithing, if you are superheating.

Kill greater monsters within the Forinthry Dungeon, use rune arrows. 100k gp/hr, plus it's the best range of in freeplayer xp that I've heard of. I believe that air runes is something like 200k/hr on 66 runecraft. Obviously, the higher the better, I haven't tried it in the past, however. You should buy a bond, make money with one of the members methods and only play for 1 hour per day provided you have decent stats.

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While I am not an expert in the ways that members earn income, there are some things you can do for free. Kill Hill Giants in Edgeville's resource dungeon. Grab the bones and the limpwurt root. ~250k gp/hr last Summer. The Lava Maze is a muddy maze. Only take the important stuff. This is the best f2p money making and buy OSRS gold I'm thinking about 400k/hr if you're good, but muddy keys take awhile to buy.



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