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  • March 8, 2022


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Of course, the Steal ability of the players is more important than 2k22 mt in the last three seasons, but where we'll see a major shift (and extremely satisfying when we achieve our goals) is in the new blocks which have the capability of demoralizing any player .

And what's with the offensive side? With no inclination to play arcade games, Visual Concepts reinvents the shot indicator to make it more lively, meaning that even though timing remains the primary factor to make impossible baskets, we can also improve our player's skills, fatigue or even our shooting technique. Being flexible to the situation make every occasion individual. In turn, it can make celebrations more enjoyable.

However, in the games that are playable, the adjustments can be felt at the controls and , from the very first games, the video feedback that NBA 2K22 receives is remarkably enjoyable, however, it's not awe-inspiring. Not that it's anything special, for the record, but because we've practically accepted a design that goes beyond play around with photography.

In this regard, it is more true, if we go through the Xbox One version we will be able to see that the graphics and details are better than those of the previous installment. But the gaming experience is nonetheless at the peak of gameplay.

How does the new edition perform visually? If we compare the previous video with that of Xbox Series X we will find the differences visible beyond the jump in resolution it is evident that the finishes and textures of each game are superior with more expression in the animations and expressions and the lighting appears to be significantly more pronounced.

As in NBA 2K21, we will observe some noticeable differences that demonstrate that, despite offering similar basketball experiences the current and new generation models of NBA 2K22 are different games. The game's menus and interface of Xbox One (and PS4) is terribly simple as well as extending to the choice of teams when it comes to improvising games or how modes are distributed.

But the interface and mode layout of NBA 2K22's interface on Xbox Series X and PS5 is completely different. It's more visual with videos playing in the background and more interactive elements. This applies to the menus that pause between games. In a way, if it weren't for the logos, it gives the impression that they are two different seasons.

A different and interesting aspect is the way in which you can provide experiences that are related in The W and the WNBA especially when it's one of the most reinforced segments of this season. In the new generation versions, all the modes are gathered in the same spot and accessible through the buy Nba 2k22 Mt main menu. However, for the remaining version (including PC and Switch) the women's basketball are split among the various sub-modes of the game. Play your own game.



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