Blogs Amid an Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars Dungeon

  • September 9, 2022


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Nex was teased in December, with a trailer that said: "The prophecy foretold of the ancient warrior locked in a dungeon deep beneath Trollheim. A force that powerful that it was a tyrant, with four opposing armies unified to contain its wickedness. They called her the Fifth General. They say she hoards artifacts of tremendous power and that the enchanted seal is the only thing that separates the brave from her devilish wrath."

Today (January 5,) Nex is unleashed on Old School Runescape after 90 percent of the players voted to approve the new update. It allows players to join together in clans of up to 80 players to fight the boss. According to the announcement, Nex could also be fighting on their own on private instances. Instances can be unlocked after you complete the Hard Combat Achievements tier, and after that, you can purchase an instance for 150,000 GP in entry. Higher Combat Achievement tiers lower this cost.

Amid an Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars Dungeon, Nex can only be explored once those who have played the game have completed the Desert Treasure quest and a mini-quest to unlock an access point called the Frozen Door. This iced-up access point has been in existence since the time that the Dungeon was launched but has remained sealed, until now! After entering the Prison players will have to battle through an army of formidable soldiers (featuring Spiritual Warriors, Mages, Rangers, and Blood Reavers) before reaching Nex herself.

Destroying Nex can bag players valuable benefits, such as an Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow, the iconic Torva armour set and many more. Every participant in the match is likely to win an exclusive item which is a bonus for OSRS Buy Gold the most successful players, with the highest performers collecting more treasure.



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