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  • October 19, 2021


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Do you think this is an advantage or disadvantage? I find them tedious particularly if I'm required to in order to obtain the highest xp. This makes it difficult to develop abilities and RS gold frustrates me because I cannot simply stick to one method if my goal is an excellent xp. However, it can be rewarding if I'd like to continue doing it anyway. Do you like DnDs Do you find them tedious and annoying, as I often do?

The Zombiefication. There is a theory about zombies and their appeal. We can identify with them. They are not recognized. They live to eat. They end up dying. Zombies are the 99 percent. We'll take a detour through Lord of the Rings before we head over to Runescape. We disappear into books as we do into a good game. Lord of the Rings is an epic tale about freedom of choice. The Ring is designed to rule all, and in the darkness to bind the heroes. Every hero has their own thoughts. The heroes choose to oppose the Ring. Then we arrive at Runescape.

Runescape is a magical space in which everyone is equal. In Runescape, everyone has a say to the game makers. There is a choice to choose in Runescape. To chat, to kill, to skill or to chat. We are in control and have a the option of. Or do we? Lord of the Rings has been around for over 60 years and outlived its creator. It seems to be thriving. What about Runescape. Can we run to escape the zombieization. It's your choice.

Hello, I've been checking out Runescape. Couple of things made me quit over a year and an hour ago: Loss of interest when I went to play better MMO's (Dragon Nest, etc) and being preoccupied with studies (still am) and becoming bored in RS in general. This seems to be the general feeling of gamers right now.

I went back to Runescape and, after having logged in, I browsed through the site and purchased an Guthix and Zam set as well as my Sara set, with money I had made from Treasure Trails. I noticed the slight changes in this and that and a one new quest in F2P as well as Squeal of Fortune (that generated quite a stir when it first came out, of course,) as well as Titles. I find the SOF somewhat boring. The most valuable stuff is available to mems to claim and buy OSRS gold it's not like they'd place an old statuette (5m) within the reward.



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