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  • November 5, 2021


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I'm planning to purchase RS membership. I've got a couple of RuneScape gold questions because this is my first month. In relation to the above question What kind of protection should I have. I'm kinda with a budget of 500k. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I've seen mems in F2P worlds wearing backpacks. These backpacks are really fascinating to me. What do they mean? How much do they cost and/or what do I need do to get it? What's the first thing I need to complete? (I'd like to use the quest to enable me to use dragon weapons) What is the first P2P skill I need to master? I love the sara robe. It is stated that you had to defeat a high-lvl monster in the wilderness arena of the SMe. The monster is hard to defeat at my level of 74. Let's not forget to ask for money suggestions and also good places to get my combat lvls trained, and other skills.

What cape should I choose? Skill cape takes an extended time to obtain, you have to no-life to obtain one or wait months. A Fire cap requires high-skilled and a lot of money. I can make/buy Ppots. I have 100 Sharks in my bank. I have enough money to purchase Guthan's crossbows, Guthan's and bolts. I've got 6 days of X'Mas break, so I have around 134 hours to complete the fire cape.

My aim at skill cape is Woodcutting/Fletching/Cooking. Woodcutting being my highest of them, but takes a long time, Fletching being second, and Cooking as the third. I have some money, but would rather not spend more than 1 million. I am able to sell Guthan as well as crossbows. I can then use the pots later or sell them.

Some were excluded however they have members skills. Also what is a good distance between attack, defence and strength levels? For example, I found out that defense and attack should be equal, however, strength should be around 15 times higher. What do YOU think? In the current market that is all,i am tempted to give up on earning money for a while and would like to improve my combat and other skills up to buy old school rs gold date, therefore my question is, what skills should I go for?



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