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  • April 1, 2018


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Ice cream car in chariot

Rocket League:

Last week STEAM had a limited time to play for free on the curiosity to play

This account PS+ has also been sent

However, there was no interest in it at all. After all, it was an independently produced skit game.

This time it's hard to come and play

The feeling of first-time play is pretty good.

The game is a 4VS4 game

The same gameplay as football just replaces the player with a mini four-wheel drive

Control is also very simple. Move Nitrogen Accelerate Jump Tumble

Five minutes for a game. There are supplemental points for setting up multiple nitrogen accelerations on the field.

During the time, see which side has scored more goals to win. Straight to enter the extended game without time limit.

The process is also very exciting and stressful. Even if the rest of the 30 seconds can be very hot

Win plus 1000 experience Lost 750 points experience

Kick the ball to the opponent's goal. Accelerate the pass. Successful shooting has extra experience.

The shot will have a replay screen to watch

The picture is comparable to the level of the 3A masterpiece. The appearance of the vehicle is also very sci-fi

Each car can also run like a triangle arrow

Satisfy the refreshing fun High-speed action Enjoy the triple enjoyment on the visual screen

Can also crash into opponents at high speed

But the game does not encourage hindrance Rocket League Trading, so this point is not deducted but it is not a plus.

Compared with other killing games

Even if this is lost, there will not be too much of a loss

The performance of each car is the same

It's fair that the difference is only the tacit understanding of the teamwork and the player's own technical pros and cons

PS4 and XB1 also have their own exclusive vehicle types

SONY clown ice cream car in chariot chariot

Microsoft has the Hog number in the HALO series

Even the Batmobile, of course, is also the DLC vehicle.



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