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  • March 1, 2022


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Over the past few days, I've observed the steady increase in stray clockwork cats in the streets everywhere. I was able to spot one in the wild around a few weeks ago in the crowd of PvPers. I thought it was one of RS gold their followers, even though it was completely free and wasn't following anyone (I tried to catch it and concluded that it didn't belong to anyone ). However, the game told me, "That's not yours ."). Yesterday, there were 4 or 5 of them in the GE. Some other locations, too.

Anyone else have noticed this? Does this seem to be a trick by Jagex in order to make people more interested in crafting (or just buy their own clockwork cat)? If you pass away with a clockwork cat that follows you, will your clockwork cat change into the "stray cat" roaming around the location for a while instead of disappearing way dropped objects usually do (but how often do people die within that GE)? (As an aside Have you noticed that if you have cats following you, it'll get into battles with the dogs of stray that pass by, LOL?)

Families have seen their damage output scaled up, but then nerfed after it was discovered that titans were hitting way too harshly on bosses. I don't know how it's now. According to mod rathe, Summoning has been largely set to one side at present, as we feel it's time for an Evolution of Summoning update to the fullest extent to be able to serve its purpose.

Although the fact that it is multicombat, it makes it somewhat better than now. For herblore, Mod Pi will be able to deal with herblore and prayer the current in-game bonus's that the top ranks give to you push the player so far beyond their level that it made balancing bosses to be challenging and difficult.

If you had balanced for a player without these boosts, anyone with an ovl of turm would have a blast through the park. If you balanced for a person with these boosts then they were pretty much mandatory. This was far from ideal since the benefits that prayers or potions grant you are meant to be viewed as an additional boost to the things you already had instead of equally important as having the best weapon in game.

In the present, despite their strengths it is possible that turmoil will be giving you similar boost to the distinction between barrows versus nex gear/choatics and overloads are capable of osrs firecape service providing an identical boost as difference between godwars gear and the nex gear/chaotics. They are, therefore, far from small boosts.



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