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  • May 10, 2021


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In fact, you should be able to conquer him nicely enough, I'll allow you to pass for about, say, 2000 gp. That sounds fair. OR I don't have that ... Then you have to battle the demon. Why even fight, I'm the imp dwarf. A dwarf? Yea, we are a bit stronger then our cousins outside the ethernal realm, but we do not actually care. We're still the funniest thing. You then have to fight himall he does is make use of a purple fire strike and he's roughly 10 hp.

When you win: I knew I was feeble. Well you passed the exam, even though you probably don't care , I am just a stupid imp. Oh, you don't care about me, you only want to hit me with a mace again don't you? Welll... NO I don't. And I think I understand how to get you to my military. You may be my stratagist. This is my first time after all. At the moment, you've got an army of human allies. Great, what additional demons can I use? The battle feild is a square having a demon crystal at the center, which when a healer manages can start healing the whole group. You yourself arent from the conflict, you are controlling the military. Whoever wins gets 5 tokens plus one for every fanatic alive.

These demons are in fact the weakest in electricity but really have the best upgrades. Standard mage, uses wind attack and gets the following level spell each level up, but level 4 can be obtained tp p2p pnly. Standered warrior, utilizes a shadow daggerup to sword to scimitar then to twohander(members just for 2 handers) utilizes demonic bow and can level up for faster bows. Level 4 may take two at a time but members just

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