Blogs It was awe-inspiring to go back to RuneScape's Grand Exchange

  • August 6, 2022


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You can be an asshole and go kill playing players in the wilderness You could also be a hunter. That's not even to mention the mini-games, world events duel, and holidays OSRS Gold. It's no surprise that the game is massive. And it's clear Jagex hasn't ever stopped developing Gielinor. There's no shortage of fresh shit, the latest being RuneScape Mobile, which launches July 17.

It was awe-inspiring to go back to RuneScape's Grand Exchange and see people wearing armor and wielding swords that appeared to use god-killing power to smash my gold-trimmed dragon armor and an abyssal whip (that'd be awesome if you played it back in my days and teen years).

The menus also differed in the end, even though Jagex's nice folks Jagex set up a lot of help for old players and even a nostalgic menu mode. As a nod to the old gamer, I amazed to learn that when I went to Lumbridge and spoke with Hans who is a cult NPC from the beginning I could get him to reward me with 5-10-, or fifteen-year old veteran's cape. The 15-year cape is something to behold, it's got fire burning down the lower part of the cape.

In the wake of being overwhelmed, I decided to concentrate on a lifelong dream of mine to master the art of firemaking. Mastering the art of firemaking takes hours and hours of repetitive motions to achieve levels 99 (now 120 in a handful of skills) In the end, it will earn you a cape worthy of being a master. This cape is trim. It's bright.

It represents any skill, and comes with a matching hood. My brother and an excellent friend -- who claimed to be an powerful mage--also joined in the MMO fun, and after re-exploring this RuneScape world (and constantly reminding my team in OSRS Gold For Sale Discord that I was the strongest of us Discord chat that I was the best among us) the time came to get started.



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