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  • May 6, 2021


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Lright... well a banned member added the idea of a Player Owned Training Area, I did like this idea but a lot of people stated that it would be too easy to reach level-126. Well when I read it I found more openings and mistakes in it than a replica of the Mona Lisa made from Swiss cheese... First off remove that pursuit, no point in it, we'll only make it a growth of PoH. Secondly it will require a Whole Lot of cash, many things, and a brand new room

Matters which may frighten you concerning this dungeon... that the next things will stick to this phrase: I will not Locate (Insert Rule) within my dungeon. Single Combat(This is really a multi combat dungeon so recall You've been warned...) Safe Spots (This is inteded for only those who are courageous enough to risk there stuff) Teleporting (Once more for those who are brave enough to risk it all) Prayer (This can be completly cut off from the Gods, should you try praying it won't work)Fishing Rod, good meals, armor and combat level. Ability to conquer a level 200 Sea Serpent Using only Range, Mage, Cannons or even Catapults. Walkthrough: You are able to start A Sailor's Life for Me! You are able to speak to Trader Stan that will inform you he will explain to you how you can build ships like his. His boats are custom made you know! You ask him how and he says he'll say that you must retrieve items because of him.

You'll Also need A Jug of Wine, Karajama Rum, 5k plus a Asgarnian Ale. Additionally you must retrieve a peg leg. Speak to Redbeard Frank and then Request his hook. He will inform you that first you have to get him a date with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. You find Emily from the tavern crying. You ask what is wrong and she lets you know that she is going to need to close the tavern because she is not getting enough buisness. She says she needs 5,000 GP to remain open. Ask her if you devote her 5k if she will go on a date with Redbeard Frank, and she insists.

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