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  • April 20, 2022


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We've got all the details available as these announcements continue to hit every one of the Madden 23 Awards that were announced, and when the other awards will be made public.

Madden 23 Awards honor the players who are the most popular in the game

Since the Super Bowl looms just over the horizon, that also means we're wrapping up an NFL season's worth of games in the months since Madden 23 launched back in August.

It's not clear exactly what criteria they're using to determine these awards just yet, when they awarded a rookie of the Year and have followed it up by highlighting some of the Tackles and Interceptions leaders in Madden 23.

EA stores data on how players play throughout the year for these games and one of the things they're able to do is then determine which NFL players are performing to gamers.

So far we've gotten some hints, and they keep on coming so we may have a full Madden 23 Awards class by the evening.

All Madden 23 Awards Players Lists (so far)

While there's still more Madden 23 Awards being announced, but we've already learned about four huge players who were honored.

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