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  • May 18, 2022


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Madden nfl 23 includes a variety of areas in need of improvements, but Face of the Franchise stands alone. If Electronic Arts doesn't nail it this time around, there's a possibility that it could soon become a secondary consideration for players. The debut of Face of the Franchise as part of Madden NFL 20 was good but not exceptional. The follow-up didn't meaningfully expand on the previous version of the mode. But, if the developers are able to make a few adjustments this mode may see new life.RELATED: Madden Player Loses easy victory by showing off

More Collegiate and High School Play

One of the most innovative features to Madden nfl 22 Face of the Franchise was the possibility of choosing a real college team and then participate in college playoffs. Although EA Sports College Football may not arrive anytime soon it does not mean that Electronic Arts can't take advantage of the licensing agreement it's already concluded. The players should not only be offered more universities to choose from but they should also be able to play more games. However, that doesn't mean the game will be able to have the entire season. However, it's an enhancement to feel as like the character is living the college lifestyle.

Better Story

Madden nfl 23 could be nothing more than rumors at the moment however, if it finally arrives and it brings a new Face of the Franchise installment along, the story must be enhanced. The issue can be remedied by not flashing through the games in the same way as in the prior mode. More college life, more events, and more interaction outside of the field with characters who don't feel as if they're just there to get things along.Adding some aspects in EA Sports College Football to feel as though a player is in the midst of an early stage of their career can help. But, there must have something to be done when the player isn't in the game. The story must begin from the very beginning. There's a reason why the focus has been on high school and college days. That's why the stage has been set, but the emphasis can't simply be based on when the hero makes it to the top.

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