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  • June 12, 2019


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Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter that lets you play as twenty-three twenty-four wave different characters, known as heroes. These heroes are split up into four categories: attack, defense, tank and support. Each type of hero is better in different situations, and it is best to balance your team and build the perfect combination. Every hero has different and unique abilities, as well as a powerful Ultimate ability. Using a powerful ultimate can often change the tide of a losing battle.

Overwatch turns the shooter genre on its head by delivering a bright, colorful world full 21 unique heroes and game modes that demand players to work together if they want to pull off a victory. For years, Blizzard fans anxiously awaited for the powerhouse studio to pull the curtain back and unleash Project Titan on the world. The game had been hyped as an MMO first-person shooter and, at the time, sounded like the follow up to World of Warcraft. You can get fast & reliable Overwatch Boost services from

The first time you play Overwatch, Bastion seems overpowered as hell. Here's a character that can, at any time, transform into a turret. An actual turret. If an enemy player gets set up in the right spot like this, they can hold off your entire team with a near-constant stream of machine gun fire. It feels hugely unfair. How are you supposed to reach your objective when the other team has player controlled robot turrets on their side? Why are we even using the other characters? The thing is, you're actually being taught a very valuable lesson here.

Overwatch is one of those success stories that you see coming and still don’t believe it until it happens. I remember when it was announced that Blizzard, a studio I have full faith in, was making a hero shooter, a newer game type they never had done before. I thought it would be big but then would see a very low player base since it’s not the type of game Blizzard was known for. That didn’t happen, and the company has continued to work on the game, adding new heroes, modes, event, maps and more.

Overwatch is a squad based competitive MMO first person shooter that blends the MOBA and FPS genres. Players choose from a wild variety of heroes, each with its own unique set of abilities and weapons. Much like Team Fortress 2, players can change their hero selection upon death. Similar to MOBAs, every hero has three regular abilities as well as an ultimate. Overwatch is a team based tactical game, not a mindless slugfest. It does however feature an arcade mode which has a deathmatch, capture the flag, and various other fun game modes.



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