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  • November 6, 2018


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Path of Exile design new proud of the intent

I think abyss jewels and belts ought to be available at lower level.

It allow players to learn with unbalanced or dead skills from level 1 as an alternative to going with usual sunder leveling etc, wich is a bit more immersive and fit better with the information a lot of players expect when managing a new character.

Just my two cents.

I played 1 character to level 80 determined exactly ZERO abyssal depths portals at the conclusion of the cracks.

I sincerely hope GGG considers the dimensions of the current player base vs low probability events. It may are actually a 1 in 10,000 possibility of someone never seeing the depths just make sure consider the amount of people are playing farmville now...

It's going to take place to many people.

Why can it be so hard for GGG to make new proud of the intent of POE Trade actually letting people see it one or more times? Then just balance round the rewards.



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