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  • July 11, 2019


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Rocket League Review - What kind of game is Rocket League do you think? Does it worth to play?

Rocket League Review
With all the updates, new features, and new platforms being available, Rocket League is getting better and better with the time pass by. Some players say that Rocket League is a fun game that is best played with friends, someone thinks it's nice for young but a bit complicated, there are also players say that the users interaction often are toxic or profane. What's your thought about the game?

The rules of Rocket League are simple: two teams are racing quickly in over 10 pitches, doing various fantastic techniques and constantly hitting a super ball into the goal to get the victory. Players can easily to join in but difficult to completely master the skills.

There are some highlights hidden in these mixed elements, which is the game strategy and mechanics. You can choose to kick the ball with different movements, such as flip, roll or stand, and pay attention to the angle of the shot. After mastering this basic knowledge, players can add perfect teamwork and excellent air sprint. These make Rocket League become an easy-to-use game, but it also allows those highly skilled players to experience the fun of the game.

What you can experience from the game?
The Rocket League is a well-balanced multiplayer game. Although there are obvious differences in appearance between free cars and paid ones, but they are no different in use. Generally, the payable Rocket League cars are better looking than free ones, it may bring unique effects make your car is outstanding in the game, various car bodies with different color are provided on, there are also car parts like wheels, decals and more with multiple options.
Rocket League cars options reference:

Different experiences on different platforms. The neon color of Rocket League has different effects, apart from Switch, the quality of all platforms has reached the standard 1080p, PS4 Pro and PC can even reach 4K. Xbox One X will support 4K and HDR soon. Visually, any version of the picture is excellent, because Psyonix has worked hard to ensure that the picture is no less than 60 frames per second in single mode or local two-person split-screen mode.



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