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  • May 31, 2022


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During the course, the entire game is secured. The players begin by unlocking a small list of skills they are able to employ, such as defence, thieving, fishing, and a combat skill of their choice. They must slowly make their way through the first game, unlocking new skills as they advance.The Duel Arena was shut down (and torn down!) to begin the new year after some changes made in November. The amount of scams and RMT spammers began to make the long-standing issue change. However, those changes were meant to be an interim step towards a full replacement. This replacement is intended to be safer, but still allowing players to have the duels (and the rewards) that are associated with good competition.

The PvP Arena works like this You need to indicate that you're looking for a fight and the system will handle it. Play on and you'll be notified when there's a match available and once confirmed, you'll be transported to the PvP alternative save world , where you'll be able to battle a player of a similar level of skill.

Because all of these PvP combats are being played on an alternate server, when you participate you will be able to play at the same level. All of your items and levels will be lost. you'll receive the normal set of stats . You'll also be able to pick a combat style that will boost certain stats. You can then choose a second combat style different from the first.

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