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  • May 2, 2021


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The initial test will be fletching. You'll end up on a plane filled with trees, two chests and a testing agent. Speak to the testing representative who will give you a riddle that you need to resolve to figure out which tree to cut and everything to fletch the timber into.

You will also have to figure out how a lot of the item you need to fill among the chest with. You will find tools in 1 torso that you will need to thieve your way to that will alow you to finish your job (bow series, knife, axe, crossbow string, feathers, and arrow heads.) When you set the correct amount of items and the ideal item in the torso you will go back into the Oneiromancer.

The Second evaluation is herblore. You may now end up on a plane full of different non-agressive animals, a farming patch filled with diffrent herbs. The testing agent will provide you a water filled vial, a pestle and morter, and a puzzle box to solve where a picture of the herb (With name beneath ) and secondary ingrediant are portrayed. When you solve the puzzle gather the corect herb, clean it, kill the suitable monster to get secondary. Once you combine the potion utilize it upon testing broker, if it is corect you'll be returned into the Oneiromancer.

The next evaluation is magic/runecrafting. You'll find yourself on a plane with one pure ess stone, and several glowing rocks with symbols on them that can bill your ess with the ideal sort of runes you need. The testing agent may provide you a pickaxe along with a cryptogram you will have to fix to figure out what spell to cast. Once you solve the puzzle you will mine the right amount of character, charge your runes, and cast the spell onto the testing agent. If it is the right spell you will be returned into the Oneiromancer.

The Fourth test is crafting. You will end up on a plane filled with crafting substances, non-agressive creatures, and two chests. The testing agent will give you a crossword puzzle, to fillout which will tell you the number of items you require, and what you really need to make. Once you solve it, then get the crafting tools you need out of a torso you'll have to cast air strike on to start. Kill the appropiate creature for hides. . .mine the appropriate stone for gold or gems, decide on the flax, utter the get the thought and set the things in the next torso. Once you get it right you will be returned into the Oneiromancer.

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