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  • September 18, 2021


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I would like to raise my 78 level, however im not sure where to RS gold start to earn money. I would love to work on my pure account (the first one I mentioned), but he must be upgraded. What do I do? If you could have any equipment that you wanted, any type of items in your invitory and performing the duties that you want to accomplish, what would they be?

All of us know, or at least think that jagex guides quest lines that lead to the Second god wars. However, no one is sure how they will get over obstacles that have already been outlined in the narrative (namely Guthix's edicts). What do you think they will achieve this? Which god will start the process? Which mahjrahart will ascend to godhood? What will be the epic nature of the god wars?

Unconsciously, I believe that the godwars will trigger from the bilrach. i believe that guthix (yes guthix) is asleep at the bottom of daemonheim. Bilrach plans for a repeat of zamorak’s rise into godhood by banishing Guthix. Without guthix, and his edicts Zaros is bound to beat zamorak or saradomin (he was superior to them in second age). .

One exception is that bilrach can be transferred to Zamoraks. Zamorak is most likely to be zaros’s initial goal. Zaros's second strike due to the first stage not working. It would also cause the collapse of gielenor into godwars. Other dieties are likely to be able to move into the plane, furthering the conflict. Lucien could rise to power, or not.

Make an unusual move that draws attention to your self. If someone doesn't respond, they are either afk or botting. Try whacking the person with an easter carrot or throw snowballs at them to see if you are able to provoke an immediate response. Add 4 to your suspicion meter if they don't react.
Assess their score. The suspicion meter should be set at zero. But, it's possible. If their suspicion meters are at 1, they likely have a highly manipulative person. If the suspicion meters are set at 2, it could be a bot. If the suspicion meter is at 3, they're likely afk, have publically blunder, but it could very well be an bot. The reading of their suspicion meter is 4, which indicates they are most likely a robot, although there isn't enough evidence to support this.

The readings on their suspicion meters of 6-10 suggest that they are likely to be botting. However, it's best to not jump to conclusions. If the suspicion meter reads 11 or more it could be an indication that they are an automated bot. It is imperative to immediately notify them in the event that they cause any harm to you, which cheap RuneScape gold is highly unlikely even if they do get such a score.



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