Blogs The strongest UL players Ka Jackson and Bobby Bell come to Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 23

  • June 28, 2020


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The last MUT event started last Saturday. Bo Jackson from the Oakland Raiders is the cover character of this event. Outside linebacker Bobby Bell and left-back Joe Klecko are also the stars of this event. Smart players have reserved enough MUT Coins for them.

After many players got the strength enhancement in the last event, Sean Taylor was very satisfied with his game performance and looked forward to getting more powerful players from this event. Bo Jackson and Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 23 means that players have only a little time left to buy these players. Many people are trying to get enough Madden Coins to get a Golden Ticket Bo Jackson with a total score of 99.

Players have only the last two days to buy Joe Klecko. After this period, players can only get him at a higher price in the auction house. They can also exchange five ordinary UL cards to Bo Jackson or Bobby Bell. The way to get these ordinary UL cards is to try your luck in an auction house or get a deal with someone. Players can also earn a lot of Madden Coins, Bobby Bell and Bo Jackson by completing the four ultimate challenges in the game.

The prerequisite for getting Ultimate Legends players is that players need to purchase a full set of Ultimate Legends tokens. It is worthwhile for players with low economic level to be thankful that they can continue to challenge challenges to get rich MUT Coins so that they do not have to spend a lot of money to Buy MUT 21 Coins. Stay tuned for more exciting content!



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