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  • May 25, 2021


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Thieving Master Farmers can be done in level 38 Thieving, but to get the most gold every hour you are very likely to wish a larger Thieving level.Pickpocketing Paladins in East Ardougne (close to the castle and marketplace ) can also net you lots of OSRS Gold and chaos runes. Pickpocketing Paladins is a very low effort endeavor that does not occupy an excessive amount of time or need any specific knowledge besides having a good thieving skill. It's encouraged to get your Thieving skill be 70 for this particular method.

You may be surprised to see Smithing crop up on this listing because historically it was never very rewarding. However, Smithing is now extremely rewarding. It is faster and more economical to use the Blast Furnace for Smithing than anything else, so it's worth your time to give it a go. At level 85 Smithing you may smith Runite bars, netting you 1.2 to 1.3 million Gold Pieces per hour. There are tons of different ores it is possible to smith also if you look around!

Rune crafting has been among the most lucrative skills, and it still is now. Regarding what you should be crafting, select Dual Character Runes, and Wrath Runes to take advantage of your gold building a hour.

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