Blogs how this works because lms base gear works the exact same manner.

  • November 21, 2020


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I am a recovering runescape nerd 7 til age or hahah:D Played fram age 6 well. I'm 25 today and it seems like I stopped yesterday. The urges come with this feeling like I want to accomplish something"grand" and RuneScape gold making countless GP or murdering players/bosses supplies that feeling. RuneScape educated me a lot for sure. It made me a different kind of person. However, I've decided to pursue what's purposeful. Like you I found youtube videos that were strong. Notably jordan Peterson, a philosopher that puts videos on psychology and philosophy for free on yt.

I have taken control of my own body and brain and can now sit idle for hours just staring out a window when I need to. I've taken my research far more seriously and'm starting my next session of engineering studies shortly. Great job.

This could be great to help people learn to pk. Too similar to LMS even with the proposed active/deactivate along side, people will prefer one and wait for that one to come around. Want more choices for non hybrid battling imo. However, what do I know. Styles can be changed each season that was just what I'd like to see in a season. Every setup looks nice to me, even though this won't get anywhere I will just mention that individuals use mystics on primary fights so that you get penalized for getting the incorrect gear / pray on even more, ahrims giving melee defence stats.

Whatever you just get punished for attempting to mage, it is literally just much better to bolt rather than use mystics with no occult. I know how this works because lms base gear works the exact same manner. And I am pretty sure because current pvp tourney they utilized ahrims and occult and people were splashing all around the area. Still does not change my stance on how an elo setup is pretty dumb for outlast nh stakes, when it's essentially decided by rng. That cheap RS gold is the reason why individuals only nh stake vs people they are worse than those (obviously the people who are worse either don't know this, or are attempting to establish themselves), it is pointless otherwise.



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