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  • December 24, 2018


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POE Currency has long trusted different league systems to activate its players. From Permanent Leagues to Challenge Leagues in addition to their solo variants, leagues constitute the backbone in the experience.

Challenge Leagues work for three months and therefore are akin to test realms or seasons. Players be able to experience new content such as Delve expansion. Once that duration is long gone, characters are moved up to their parent Permanent Leagues along with the cycle begins anew. Race Leagues also transpire every now and then to get POE Orbs. This is where players usually seek to quickly hit the particular level cap or delve through deep dungeons to earn prizes.

Now the overall game is expanding with Private Leagues. It’s like having your individual separate realm where one can determine the modifiers and amount of difficulty. PC Invasion spoke with Grinding Gear Games CEO and Path of Exile co-creator Chris Wilson with what this new feature offer.

“Running A Marathon With A Backpack Full Of Rocks”

“Think from the normal leagues we have now in Path of Exile as marathons,” Wilson stated. “Private Leagues, due to the challenge along with the difficulty [that you'll be able to ramp up by choice], implies that it’s like running that same marathon, but you’re running using a backpack brimming with rocks.”

Players are able to pick certain mods for making each playthrough harder. Changes for example no magic or rare item drops, no stashes, increased monster health insurance damage, with no health/mana refill could be selected. However, there aren’t any mods which will make the experience easier.

Community members wondered why there aren’t any mods to help remedy things up. Wilson explained that it’s to “prevent any advantage whenever they choose to migrate their character from your private league to your regular ones.” Wilson developed a comparison of the items “bragging rights” could possibly be like. In terms of migrating your character from the Private League into a regular one, Wilson said, “Imagine should you put your level 90+ character inside regular league. Sure, you can find going to be other players who’ve achieved that level of cla already. It’s like, okay, other people within the regular leagues [can do that].”

He also noted that players are able to keep characters inside private league while still displaying the items they’ve obtained alongside the problem modifiers.

“Then everyone knows how much effort and dedication it really took so that you can pull this off,” he was quoted saying. “Even in case you do choose to migrate these characters out on the Private League, your characters wouldn’t get an unfair edge over others. That’s since the Private Leagues themselves already made it more challenging for you to level up or gain items.”

Many Path of Exile community members appreciate without needing gameplay boosts as it won’t produce a different mindset for newcomers. If Private Leagues offered easier gameplay, it will take some from the fun from the regular leagues.



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