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Posted September 22, 2022 02:58 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Carla Bellucci, who was dubbed 'Britain's most hated woman' after blagging a nose job by faking depression, is treating her family to a £13,000 holiday to celebrate her daughter's first birthday

A notorious OnlyFans star is splashing out a whopping £13,000 on a luxury holiday to celebrate her baby’s first birthday – one year after she almost died giving birth.

Carla Bellucci is jetting off to Egypt on a first class Emirates flight later this month for daughter Blu’s special day.

The social media personality feels lucky to be alive after she stopped breathing for two minutes and 45 minutes during the traumatic C-section last September.

But she survived the ordeal and since then has earned even more money selling glamorous pictures on OnlyFans.

And despite the cost of living crisis, she’s now going all out for her precious little girl.

Speaking exclusively with the Daily Star, she said: “We will celebrate in style. We are staying in a beautiful five-star resort and people will say I’m selfish because society says you need to have a party and play pass the parcel.

“She’s going to be one and doesn’t really have many friends as of yet so why spend all this money on other people to enjoy themselves. We thought we would spend the money for us all, and Blu obviously, to benefit.

“She's my baby, my life, and I do what I want. I am just so obsessed with her and I’m so grateful to be her mum and to be alive after what happened.

“I want to give her the best life and I will give her everything I can and if people judge me for that I don’t care. We are lucky to have her.”

The mum-of-four, from Hitchin, Herts, said the lavish holiday is a reflection of her success in recent months.

She first became infamous after blagging a free nose job by faking depression, something she regretted after NHS staff saved her life last year.

But she has no qualms about flaunting her wealth during a crippling cost of living crisis.

Explaining why, she said: “Get busy and do you. I am sorry we are in this crisis and we are all in it and we have bills to pay.

“But I’m not being funny, I’ve seen the government being quite generous to people who are not working.

“At the end of the day, don’t hate, do something about it. Try and get more work. We all have had to make cutbacks to a certain extent.

“The cost of living crisis makes me work a bit harder and makes me want to make more money.”

And the 40-year-old added: “I know people will call us inane but I do as I please. We think, as parents, we deserve a holiday as well.

“We are going to have the holiday of a lifetime. Chillout, get some winter sun and have a lovely time.”

Despite making fortunes on the saucy platform, Carla recently said the site was full of “skanks who open their legs for pennies”.
She is also vowing to quit by the end of the year.

“When I joined there was more prestige and there were celebrities all over it and it was a little bit classier,” she said.

“Now everyone seems to have an OnlyFans and there is no class or quality.

“You see people on there opening up their legs for free and I just don’t understand that mentality, it is so tacky.

“The ones who are earning good money, good on them but the people doing it for basically nothing are just letting the site down and themselves down.”

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