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Posted October 5, 2021 02:23 PM

In a way it's an Indie film for the modern-day / new age. If you aren't familiar with Polish Cinemas and movies like this it's pretty cool to see that the work rate and hard work put forth by our industry has been paying off. We had “For the Love of Communism”, which opened the market for cinema in Poland & pushed it to new frontiers, and now we have Chal mera putt 3, which has broken records on Netflix.

Tenet will mostly probably fall into the genre of crime thriller/thriller, but it's also filled with many genres. Crime is a classic story, crime is love, love is murder, love will protect you, it will destroy you, it will make you betray your family, love will kill you. There really is no other genre, so we know that for this movie there will be so many genres, but why go crazy with this genre? It's still crime.

Wonder Woman 1984 tells the story of a modern-day <1% of Poland who kill business owners, politicians and other nice rich people in love. While I don't know if these people who do this are good, I believe that they're just doing what they have to do to survive. That is to Monster Hunter kill people who had it all except for their money. But, at the end of the day they're not here for love or the love of money, they're here to make money. That is okay! I believe that this type of working class did not choose to stay in Poland, because of the high crime rates and the stories of murder and fraud that are daily occurrences with most criminals in this society. This Little Things movie displays this true story in many ways, both the dark underbelly and the lavish life of rich people. This doesn't help the mentality of a few. For these people, they feel that to be millionaires and to sit comfortably on yachts is not worth the high price of shooting people with guns and robbing them.

Wozniak's (Tommy O'Connell) love story with After We Collided (Zubin Zazuya) is a nuanced, complex character who gets where he is from. Their relationship is intense & they have very different ideas of love and commitment to one another. I really liked the scene of this couple arguing (before he kills her), and when he kills her and leaves her screaming for help, his reaction to it is compassionate and caring. He even takes her body bag of his possessions (his jewelry and so much more) Promising Young Woman and finds her, but doesn't kill her (not very glamorous, but we see him handling her carefully). This was a strong emotional experience for Tom and not something one should not take lightly. The good vs. evil balance in these films is something not really seen in films. So we are all for the good, but also against the bad, the not so sane vs. sensible and evil vs. good. For the most part this is a relatively good movie (which I still think is a hard thing to achieve). However, it needs a few more pieces th
at will end up maintaining it's position. But, I will definitely be watching 365 Days it again soon.

#Alive! Films that I dislike most are the ones that lack meaningful sub-genres, but somehow they end up just so wrong. So where this went wrong? Where do we go from here? I don't know for sure, but I know I haven't seen any other Polish films like this I suppose so I'm curious to know what else is to come for us Polish film lovers. I am intrigued to see how this trend turns out and where this genre goes next.

But for now I urge you to watch Addams Family 2 Online. It will be worth it!

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