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Posted September 1, 2022 04:39 PM

4 Australian fashion people on the lingerie they swear by

And there seem to be a few crowd favourites.

Finding the right underwear and bra duo for everyday wear can be a tumultuous journey. Like good taste in many things, it comes with age. It’s usually a process of trial and error and potentially involves a few bouts of thrush along the long way.

I recently donned a hyper-sexy matching set of lingerie to road test how it would make me feel (you can read more about that here), and I sort of loved it. But mostly, comfort is key. I’m also a devoted wearer of organic, antibacterial and moisture-wicking undies (like the Vee Underwear ones) to avoid the aforementioned thrush.

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When it comes to cut, I’m a g-string girl every day of the calendar year, but that shift probably only happened about two years ago. Now, the thought of a bikini cut or boyleg seems sinister. I just vibe the fit, the feel and the freedom (sans VPL) of a g-banger, as do some of the fashion people I’ve spoken to below.

I wanted to investigate what some local sartorial experts wear beneath their well-curated outer clothes. And it seems – like the personalised ‘outerwear’ style we all naturally differ in – underthings have various prerequisites depending on the person you ask.ดูหนัง-one-piece-film-red-2022th-วันพีซ-ฟิล์ม-เรด-เต็มเรื่อ-107ta1wGrTเคล็ดลับ-ดูหนัง-one-piece-film-red-วันพีซ-ฟิล์ม-เรด-107ta36JXf

For me, prioritising underwear that ventilates and facilitates a healthy vagina is paramount (blame my frequent UTIs), so synthetic fabrics get the boot. And then there’s the top half, with bras being an entirely different ballgame. Are you allergic to underwire? Do you wince at the thought of donning a strapless style? Do bralettes bring you pure, unadulterated joy?

I’m all about a non-padded, comfy, semi-cute, run-of-the-mill bra most days, and maybe the odd bralette from Maeva or sports bra from Nimble on others. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mesh feel of a sultry Saturday the Label cobalt bra. But that’s enough about me. Here are what four authorities on fashion slip on to cradle their bits and deliver them utmost comfort on a daily basis. Take note, especially if your knickers drawer is in a state, or your favourite bra is looking a little worse for wear.

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