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Posted April 13, 2022 06:51 PM

Doctor on Taiwan’s Lanyu finds bikini photos work better to convey safety tips to visitors

Huang said she attaches her bikini photos, hoping they will attract more people to read the post

An emergency physician who works at the Lanyu Health Center found that posting her own swimsuit photos on social media is far more effective than previous measures designed to attract tourists' attention when presenting safety guidelines for their stay on Lanyu (Orchid Island).

Huang Ching-wei (黃京葦) on Sunday (April 10) posted photos of herself wearing a swimsuit, enjoying her time at a beachfront swimming pool with a caption that lists 30 do's and don'ts for visitors that include health and safety tips, local etiquette and taboos, and tips for how to seek medical attention if sick or injured on the island.

In the post titled "Will it work if I just expose part of my body?" she began the caption by announcing, "Lanyu’s tourist season (my hard days) has officially begun. There are some minor modifications made to the reminder every year. Even though it’s a long list of 30 suggestions, it’s also a collection of negative experiences tourists have had over the years. Be sure to read through the advice before coming to have fun (the photos have been selected in hope that they will increase readership, and in case they fail to do so, they will be replaced with photos of various rotting wounds next year.)”

The guidelines Huang put together include “don’t drink and ride,” “don’t park in the middle of road to take photos,” “beware of goats, pigs, dogs and crabs rushing out,” and “don’t climb up dangerous seaside rocks to talk selfies.”

Facebook's users reacted to Huang’s post by leaving a variety of comments that included, “The photos work. I read through the whole text,” “The physician is so beautiful that I’ll behave myself and listen to her,” “Going to emigrate to Lanyu,” and “So considerate and practical.”

Last year, the physician posted to Facebook, reminding visitors of matters they need to pay attention to during their stay on the island, but her post gathered only 801 likes, 82 comments, and 109 shares the whole year, CNA reported. With her bikini photos, this year’s post has amassed 509 likes, 68 comments, and 6 shares as of Wednesday evening (April 13).

Huang told media that she makes a health education post every year, and this year she attached her bikini photos, hoping they will attract more people to read the post. She added that she was hoping visitors have a safe trip to the island, per CNA.

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