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Posted August 9, 2022 12:26 PM

In addition to De Jong, Barcelona will denounce the renewal of Ter Stegen and Lenglet, which has caused the spending of more than 311 million euros.
Barcelona, ​​where the board of directors was headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu, was renewed on October 20, 2020 (a week before his resignation) and immediately the contracts of Frenkie de Jong, Ter Stegen, Clement Lenglet and Gerard Pique saved more than 30 million. Euros between salaries and depreciation, but will later commit up to 311 million in the following years. For this reason, the board of directors of Joan Laporta, who is considering taking the case to the prosecution due to unfair management, considers that in those renewals there are signs of criminality and sources from the club confirm to ESPN that the contracts can be considered void.

The previous meeting confirmed that those renewals meant saving between 16 and 18 million euros in salaries, in addition to another 15 to extinguish contracts... But what it did not disclose at the time was that those operations represented an additional cost of 311 million long-term salaries for the club. , with three-season renewals for Lenglet, De Jong, Ter Stegen and two for Pique.

The club is now considering taking legal action against Bartomeu's board for these renovations, which were initially introduced as an aid to the club and were later discovered by the board of directors led by Laporta, that actually caused enormous financial damage to the entity.

With the Dutch midfielder in the lead, the situation also affects the German goalkeeper as well as the French defender (today on loan to Tottenham), who, according to the same sources, are insured with off-market salaries thanks to these renewals. De Jong, Lenglet and Ter Stegen cut their salaries in the 2020-21 season, ostensibly to more than double their salaries in the following years. The three players extended their contracts for three seasons and made 311 million euros, which now weighs heavily on the entity.

Barcelona has been trying for months with players’ agents to reach an agreement to reduce their salaries, and return to the initial contract that was signed, warning that if necessary and if there is no agreement, and if the contracts are considered void, the players must return some very large sums.

The Laporta Council sees in those processes indications of criminality and unfair administration, and although it has not yet been decided whether to seek justice and whether to file a complaint (depending on the reports of the legal department), they coincided with what was assessed consulted with Two outdoor buffets, which also indicates criminal signs in the signing of all contracts.

Another case is that of Gerard Pique, who at that time accepted the renewal for two seasons, until 2024, and is now negotiating a new renewal, canceling the previous version which is very low. The captain, who is willing to break this contract and sign a new one, will help the club in their search for the necessary financial fair play.

With Lenglet's case deadlocked after his transfer and Pique's case redirected at the captain's express wish, contacts with Ter Stegen and de Jong's agents produced no rapprochement. Barcelona, ​​who initially sent an offer to the Dutch midfielder, came to speak directly with the player during the US tour, and asked for a gesture, to which the player replied that the matter should be discussed with his representative.

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