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Posted May 16, 2020 04:15 AM

I will never forget that glazed summer, the first time I put on a camouflage suit, the first time I left the arms of my parents, the first time I took steps to march, the first time I laughed so freely, the first time I was so lost ! That happened one summer when I was in the first grade of junior high school. Our school held a military training event at the youth military training place in Shishan, Guangdong. The military training time is five days, which was so long for me before, but so short for me now. Freeing Buddha is just a fleeting dream Newport 100S, and our instructor's surname is Liao, a little short. He seems to be a bit different from all the instructors. When it stands with other instructors Marlboro Red, it is like a smooth and full of white sesame seeds in a pile of black sesame seeds. He is very serious, always has a straight face, and rarely smiles at us. Two days before the military training, we practiced walking, standing, sitting and squatting on the playground. Literally these things seem to be a breeze, but it is indeed more difficult to do. The summer sun is very poisonous, and we show no mercy to those who stand upright. The sweat beads hit the dusty playground like pouring rain. Knowing that it was so pleasant, we couldn't hold back under the scorching sun. Many people were tired and couldn't stand steadily. Fortunately, the time for lunch came and saved us from this long training. Normally, a few minutes before a meal is the training time for a loud voice, and which class of the 18 classes calls the slogan louder, the class will eat first. It was our turn, and we, who had just pulled our hands, were suddenly full of energy, "Ten Class! Ten Class! Qi Yu Xuanang! Riding the wind and breaking waves! Unstoppable!" With our roar, we proceeded to the cafeteria. After lunch, chatting and laughing under the shade of trees is our happiest time. Holding the teapot in his hand, he drank the boiled water in a big sip, and for the first time felt the taste of the boiled water was so beautiful. Instructor Liao also taught us to sing the military training version of their true heroes. That's our favorite melody "In my heart, my instructor is the fiercest. A password makes me motionless. Walking like the wind, standing like a green pine, the wind and rain and the sun moved me the most." The day of departure came and we took it off The camouflage uniforms were refitted with the school uniforms they used to know. They lined up and got on the bus. The bus slowly drove out of the military training field where we stayed for five days Cheap Cigarettes. I saw a few girls glittering in crystal clear eyes, and I also had an inexplicable sense of loss in my heart. The first military trainingRelated articles: Cigarettes Online
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