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Posted May 18, 2020 04:13 AM

During the summer, when I was digging my head for a good book, my friend recommended to me Wang Zhongqiu's "Details Decide Success or Failure". At first I was very disapproved, but after reading it, I couldn't help being moved by Mr. Wang's good intention A sense of responsibility and mission emerged spontaneously. There is an ancient saying, "Why don't you sweep the whole house," and now there are "the details determine success or failure". Times have changed, but starting from small things, paying attention to details, the ancient and modern inheritance has never changed. It is mentioned in the book: "The future competition will be the competition of the details", "There are too few people who can do great things. Most of the majority of people always do specific things, trivial things, monotonous things, maybe they are just a little bit." But this is work, life, and an indispensable foundation for accomplishing major events. "For education and teaching to seek greater development and quality in detail management, it must be an inevitable choice for educators in the future. The sea does not choose small currents, so it can grow into a big one; mountains can't resist fine soil, so they can reach its height. In connection with our education and teaching work, the precious value of the details is that it is creative, unique and unrepeatable. There is no trivial matter in the school, everything is educated, and every small movement of the teacher is silent education. She is far more effective than bold words. Therefore, we must do a good job of every little thing in the job position, and treat every detail with a strong sense of responsibility: from every smile to the child to empathy for the child; from paying attention to the child ��s question every time It is only by letting the children deal with "little things" ... Only in this way is it possible to create maximum value in ordinary jobs. "Small things make great things, details make perfect." Every day I deal with a group of childish elementary school students. It seems to be trivial things. After reading this book, I feel that my smiles have become great in the ordinary. The teacher's job is bigger, is to shoulder the important task of cultivating people for a hundred years and training successors. To put it more clearly, it is necessary to teach and educate people, but more of the trivial things are reflected in daily education and teaching work. Trivial trivial things surround us all the time, but we ca n��t care about the limited time and energy. Don't follow it, even disdain. We have to change our impetuous and impetuous problems, and we should try our best to pay attention to details and do small things carefully. Start by preparing and taking every class, start by carefully correcting each homework book, start by taking each child's problem seriously, start by bending over to pick up waste paper on the ground, and start by dusting off the office Start with the dust on the table ... Do every small thing with the spirit of killing the chicken and using a knife. Everything is detailed, and everything must be done hand in hand. The process of nurturing and ideological education for students and the development of children is also the growth of our teachers. Perfect process. Now that I have chosen a sacred and glorious career as a teacher, I am determined to use my love, responsibility, patience, and enterprising spirit to pay attention to every educational detail, and pay attention to starting from small things in ordinary education positions. Achieve great things and finally succeed! The details determine the success or failure of the 800-word vision. We must pay attention to the long-term development of students. The first thing we should pay attention to is the little things around us. The growth of students is composed of these little things []Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. Judging from the requirements for students, I think teachers are also very necessary to convey the idea of ??paying attention to details to students []Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. The author talked in the second section of Part Four that paying attention to details is actually a kind of kung fu, which is cultivated by accumulation. When it comes to accumulating over time, habit cannot be ignored because 95% of human behavior is affected by habit. Therefore, we should start from the details of daily study and life, and strictly require students to develop attention to details and meticulous good habits, accumulate kung fu in habits, and cultivate quality. Once a good habit is formed, it will become a valuable asset for their lifetime, because habit determines behavior, behavior determines character, and character determines fate. So I think that our careful work determines the success or failure of education [][/url], and the success or failure of students. Only by handling the details well can education achieve overall success. I decided to start with small details, start small things, do the best in education, and do my best to become an excellent high-quality teacher. Details determine success or failure 80. After reading "Details Determine Success or Failure", I feel that the details emphasized in the book are not only business management issues, but also have very important inspiration and reference significance for educators' educational teaching practice. Success also details, defeat also details. The importance of the details can be seen from this. As a teacher, after
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