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  • August 14, 2021


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A reasoned essay aims to present a point of view and persuade. This is an academic writing in which the personal opinion of the writer is the most important part. This opinion should always be the result of deep reflection on a topic that will almost always be controversial. If you want to know a little more, we'll show you how to write a reasoned essay .

Actions to be taken:


The first thing to do is choose a theme . To do this, it is important to choose a topic that allows for more than one opinion, otherwise a reasoned essay will not be of interest, since it will defend an obvious and generalized opinion on the topic.


After choosing a topic, we must study it carefully . It is important to seek reliable sources to support all of our arguments. Far from what we can think, the Internet will be the last source. Books or databases are much more reliable at this size. Even so, if the source on the Internet is an official body, it will also have sufficient credibility. It is difficult for an unprepared person to work with such things, therefore, very often a student has a question who could write my essay for me ? This is a sad train of thought, but sometimes you can't do without it when it's hard. Find the strength to learn how to work with books, since it is impossible to find a source of information more reliable than this.


After informing ourselves about the subject we want to touch upon, we will find out if our previous arguments were supported. If so, then almost all the work is done, all that remains is to write an essay. If this is not the case, we will definitely have to continue the search or change the topic to another, in which our arguments are supported by data and professional opinion.


When you start writing an essay, the question is how to write a good essay ? The first thing you should do is write a fairly compelling introduction . A good example would be discussing the problem as a whole, identifying where we think the problem or contradiction is, and quickly resolving the problem. This decision will be our thesis, something really important, because the essay will revolve around it.

The main body of the essay should be divided according to the arguments we have presented. So if we are going to give 5 arguments, we can stick to 5 different paragraphs. Obviously, it may be that it is more expensive to explain one argument than another. It doesn't matter, we can renew without any problem.


Let's try to ensure that each argument is supported by the sought-after sources. This way we will add trust to it.


Finally, we must write a conclusion in which we quickly, without stopping, consider each of the arguments. This conclusion will help us to once again confirm our opinion.




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