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  • July 18, 2018


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Madden 13 and Fifa 13 for Wii U has touch enhancements

During EA's Summer Showcase live stream, EA has demonstrated off newer and more effective features for your Wii U versions of Madden 13 and Fifa 13, typically dedicated to the GamePad's touchscreen.

In Madden, play calling is finished directly on the touchscreen, which isn't that a great deal of significant improvement over selecting plays in the main screen. However, also you can use the touchscreen for pre-play adjustments.

In Fifa, there's a ton of enhancements that may advantage of the Wii U's capabilities. You can pass via touchscreen, target a specific just right the net after you attempt a goal, and in many cases get a first-person take a look at your selected player's surroundings with all the GamePad's gyro sensor even though the ball isn't in play. Manager mode can also be much more streamlined when you don't have to pause the sport to make adjustments. EA stresses the value of making the knowledge simple for casuals, even though these changes be understood as welcome improvements, EA's concentrate on Wii U as the next casual-driven device such as



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