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Posted February 3, 2022 01:23 PM

5 beautiful athletes who stole attention in the world of athletics, number 1 won the status of the sexiest athlete

Beautiful athletes in the world of athletics are interesting to watch. Because, there are many athletes who are beautiful and charming. Their figures are increasingly inviting admiration because they have successfully carved a sweet achievement.

Then, who are the beautiful athletes in the athletic world? As quoted from various sources, here Okezone has summarized 5 beautiful athletes in the athletic world.

Ami Kodama
In fifth place, there is the name Ami Kodama. He is a long jump athlete from Japan. The figure of Ami Kodama stole great attention at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

There is a video that shows him trying to act on the field. However, to have an investigation, the video clip in blue and white clothing and the number 236 jersey was taken when he participated in World Atheltics for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualification stage.

However, she failed to penetrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Kodama is still listed as a student at Tokai University, Shibuya, Japan.

Allison Stokke
Then, there is the name Allison Stokke. He is the proud pole vault athlete of the United States. In addition to a beautiful and charming face, Allison Stokke is also known to have made a sweet achievement.

Allison Stokke has broken the pole vault record since she was in school. Then, he managed to break the record at the American student level in 2004.

Christina Vukicevic
In third place, there is the name Christina Vukicevic. This hurdler has succeeded in bringing the Norwegian name to the fore with a number of achievements in the international arena.

Christina Vukicevic has won various gold medals, one of which was at the 2009 U-23 European Championship in the 100 m event. With a beautiful face and ideal body, Vukicevic also often criss-crosses on the covers of various beauty and fashion magazines.

Michelle Jenneke
Then there's Michelle Jenneke. The athlete who was born in Sydney, Australia, is involved in sports in athletics, namely hurdles.

Michelle Jennekke took the internet by storm while warming up before running in the 2012 season. The beautiful athlete was caught on camera dancing during the warm-up at the 2012 World Junior Running Championships in Barcelona.

Alisa Schmidt
Finally, there is the name Alisa Schmidt. This athlete's name is already so famous that he has won the status of the sexiest athlete in the world from a media in Australia.

Not only beautiful, this German athlete also has slick achievements. Alica Schmidt even successfully competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Alica also competed in a number of events at once, namely the women's 4 x 400 meter and the 4 x 400 meter mixed relay.手錶这个杀手不太冷静完整版2022hd-完整版tw-7448狙击手snipers線上完整版tw-1080-7451这个杀手不太冷静1080-hd在線的完整版本-7449狙击手hd2022在線觀看完整版-7452手錶电影-tw-这个杀手不太冷静完整版2022hd-7450手錶狙击手完整版2022hd-完整版tw-7453

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